Five years of practising law has opened my eyes to how law and politics works in Aotearoa/New Zealand.  With an in-depth knowledge of Māori legal issues; Te Tiriti o Waitangi; Public Law; and the operations of Parliament and the passage of legislation, I can provide you with tailored legal, law reform, or Government relations services that will allow your business, whānau, Hapū, or Iwi to effectively engage with Government, steer clear of potential legal landmines, and be alert to the endless possibilities provided by the law.

Law Reform

Law reform is the single biggest opportunity for Māori businesses, Hapū, and Iwi to seek to have your rights and interests protected in law.  Engaging with the Government and providing input into proposed legislative changes is the most cost-effective way to ensure that your voice is heard.

Why should you engage professional support?  Bottom Line: Most people do not know how to effectively engage with the Government.  Take, for example, the Select Committee consultation process over the amendments to the Public Finance Act to enable the partial sale of State-Owned Enterprises.  Over 1000 people submitted in opposition to the legislative changes, but 95% of the submissions said exactly the same thing – we do not want the sales to go ahead. While there is some force in numbers, after a while the Government stops listening to those opposing the changes.  Think of it this way, if you had 1000 people coming to you telling you exact same piece of information, how many would it take before you turned around and walked away?

So why bother?  Simple.  Governments, and more particularly, the public sector staff working behind the scenes, appreciate well-thought out and constructive responses to legislative change.  Time and time again, I have seen a well-crafted submission to a Government Department or Select Committee result in substantial changes to proposed legislation.

Next time you want to suggest changes to a proposed legislative agenda, do not go with the herd, let me help you prepare submissions that will engender change.

Consultancy Services

Seeking to change the law is only part of the process.  For many Māori, especially those engaged in business or at the Hapū and Iwi level, seeking to understand the law, both its restraints and its opportunities, can be a challenge.  I can take the grunt work out of your hands and provide you with a clear, concise summary of the legal options available to you.

Contact Me

With 5 years experience working in, with, and against Government, I can personally assist you in whatever legal, law reform, or government relations needs you may have.  Law reform and government relations consulting will be provided on a value-added basis.  If it is commercial or Te Tiriti o Waitangi legal work that you are after, then Enterprise Law can provide you with a full range of legal services at a competitive rate.

Give me a call on 021 280 1508 or email me at and we can discuss your needs and objectives.

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